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eBay User Blocked by Elvis

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eBay User Blocked by Elvis

Have you ever heard the strange tale of an eBay user who found themselves blocked by none other than Elvis Presley himself? This bizarre incident has left many scratching their heads and wondering about the mysterious circumstances surrounding it.

The Encounter

It all started when the eBay user, known by the username “AuctionKing42,” stumbled upon a listing for a vintage guitar that was purportedly once owned by the King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Presley. Intrigued by the prospect of owning such a valuable piece of music history, AuctionKing42 placed a bid on the item.

The Block

However, to the surprise of many, including AuctionKing42, the bid was swiftly met with a block from the seller, who claimed to be Elvis Presley. The message accompanying the block simply read, “Sorry, no bids from AuctionKing42.”

Questions & Answers

Q: Is it confirmed that the seller was actually Elvis Presley?

A: The true identity of the seller remains a mystery. Some believe it was a clever hoax, while others speculate that it could have been an impersonator.

Q: What was the reaction of the eBay user after being blocked?

A: AuctionKing42 was understandably shocked and confused by the block. They attempted to reach out to the seller for an explanation but received no response.

Q: Did the eBay user ever uncover the truth behind the mysterious block?

A: Despite their best efforts, AuctionKing42 was never able to unravel the enigma of why they were specifically blocked by the seller claiming to be Elvis Presley.


While the true nature of this peculiar incident may never be fully understood, one thing is certain – the story of the eBay user blocked by Elvis will continue to intrigue and fascinate those who hear about it. Perhaps one day, the mystery will be solved, but until then, it remains a curious footnote in the annals of online auctions.

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